20 Tips To Prolong The Battery Life Of Your Mobile Phone

20 Tips to Prolong the Battery Life of Your Mobile Phone

Having poor battery life on your mobile phone is one of the most frustrating things you can experience. To try and reduce the amount of time you’re spending next to an outlet recharging your device, here are 20 tips to help you prolong your battery life:

1. Reduce your Screen Timeout

Your mobile phone’s display is one of the biggest drains on its battery so reducing your screen timeout to the lowest time possible will help. Go to your phone’s settings, find the Display tab and set your screen timeout to the lowest time it allows.

2. Lower your Screen Brightness

Reducing your brightness settings is a great way to conserve battery power on your mobile phone as brightness a big contributor to battery drain. Find the Display tab in your settings and lower the brightness to the lowest level that still allows you to comfortably use the phone.

3. Disable GPS and Bluetooth Services

If you’re not using your location services or Bluetooth turn them off to conserve battery life. Find the Location tab and the Bluetooth tab in your settings and disable them.

4. Turn on Battery Optimization

If you have the feature available on your device, turning on battery optimization will disable features that take up energy. In Settings, find the Battery tab, or the Battery & Performance tab, and enable optimization of excess energy consumption.

5. Uninstall Unused Apps

Less apps use less battery, so if you have any apps you haven’t been using for a while, uninstall them. Go to the Apps tab in your settings, select any unused apps and uninstall them.

7. Keep the OS updated

Keeping your phone’s OS updated ensures all your phone’s software operates optimally and can help reduce extra strains on your battery. Check for any updates to your OS and install them when they’re available.

8. Clear your App Cache

App caches are a great way to store data, however sometimes cached data can cause drains on your battery. Go to the Apps tab in your settings and clear your cache.

9. Schedule your Automatic Back Ups and Syncs

Try and keep background activities to the minimum, if you’re performing automatic back ups or syncs reconsider the time of day you do them. Choose times when you know your battery is at its peak and can handle such activities.

10. Turn off notifications for Unused Apps

Notifications for unused apps can be a huge drain on your battery. Go to the Notifications tab in your settings and turn off any unnecessary notifications.

11. Disable Automatic App Updates

Automatic app updates are great, however they can also be quite taxing on your battery. Go to the Apps tab in your settings and select Automatic App Updates and disable them, or consider turning them on only at night when your battery is at it’s strongest.

12. Lower the Animations on your Device

Animations and effects take energy to perform. Go to the Developer Options tab in your settings and lower the animation scale on your device.

13. Turn off Data Connectivity for Unused Accounts

Data connectivity for unused accounts will eat away at your battery. Go to Settings, find the Account tab, we’re you can manage all your accounts. Turn off data connectivity for any accounts you haven’t been using.

14. Turn off Vibration

Vibrations use a considerable amount of battery life, so turning them off should save you a bit of battery. Go to the Sound & Notifications tab in your settings and deselect vibrate when ringing.

15. Maintain Your Battery’s Level

Letting your battery’s level dip too low puts extra strain on its performance and will drain the battery quicker. Also, try and avoid fully charging the battery every time, let it drain to about 30% and then recharge it.

16. Avoid or Reduce Gaming

Gaming can be taxing on your battery, so try and avoid or limit gaming on your device. This isn’t to say don’t have fun, just be aware of the battery drain gaming can cause and make sure to adjust your settings and use other tips from this list when playing games.

17. Keep it Clean

Making sure the connections to your charger and battery remain free of dust or dirt will be sure to keep your battery in top condition and make sure the full power of its charge is reaching the battery.

18. Turn off Automatic Image Uploads

If your device has automatic image uploads to cloud services enabled try turning if off otherwise you’ll find you battery drains more in background operations. In the Photos tab in your settings, deselect “auto upload”.

19. Don’t Overhear your Phone

Try and keep your phones temperatures in check. Overhearing your phone can put unreliable strain on its battery. If the phone gets too hot find a cool place to allow it to cool down before it will begin working normally again.

20. Learn to Unplug

Try to turn off all unnecessary apps and connections when your phone isn’t in use. By doing this your phone won’t be constantly thinking of connections or updates and will have a better battery life than if it was left in a ‘stand by’ mode.

By following these tips you should be able to find significant gains in your mobile phone’s battery life and allow for longer stretches of usage. From reducing the brightness of your device to unplugging your phone when it’s not in use, the above tips will help you save on your battery drain.

We hope these tips help you save on battery life and make the most of your mobile phone.

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